Founded in spring 2017 by the husband and wife team Adan and Yasmin Ventura, Tasty Paella is a company focused on traditional Spanish cuisine, specializing in paella and tapas.
After living in Europe for a while, they decided to move to the United States and spent a few years in Miami, FL. When they improved their culinary skills, they decided to move to Dallas, Texas. It is here that he realized that the experience acquired in Spain was invaluable and decided to share it with others, and the idea of Tasty Paella was born, with the concept of cooking it on the site.
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In May 2019 we were awarded to participate in “The semifinal of the International Contest of Valencian Paella” held in Washintong D.C. In addition to the experience acquired in this high-level competition, we received two master classes of Valencian paella
What We


Tasty Paella is a unique live cooking and delivery concept nestled in the heart of Dallas and Houston Texas. We are proudly Hispanic and Latino owned, serving traditional Spanish food.
We have a simple passion for the timeless paella Valenciana. Infused with saffron’s golden hues and garnished with fresh local ingredients, our paella is a melody of flavors that brings Spain straight to your plate. From seafood paella to chicken paella, and the all-encompassing paella mixta, we offer a variety of choices that cater to every palate. We even have vegetarian palleas.
But we don’t just make paella, we bring the whole experience to you. Our live cooking service offers you the unique opportunity to have a chef cook in your home, transforming your kitchen into a vibrant Spanish cocina. Watch as the paella comes to life before your eyes, filling your home with irresistible aromas and creating an unforgettable dining experience.
We create group activities for adults, making meal ideas for large groups, and offering fun catering ideas. Our services are perfect for large family gatherings, where our traditional paella recipe can feed a crowd with ease.
We also offer delivery services for those who just want to enjoy our delicious and unique food for a dinner night in.
So whether you’re planning a quiet dinner for four or looking for meals for large family gatherings, remember – there’s always a delicious paella in Texas, thanks to Tasty Paella. We look forward to serving you soon!





Adan Ventura

Adan acquired his knowledge about Paellas when he undertook the adventure of traveling to Valencia Spain and lived for more than 6 years. It was there that he learned all the secrets about his paellas.

Yasmin Valladares

Yasmin is based on a wide range of work experience. She has an intuitive understanding of the service styles, she has excellent skills for small details and can make your event a total success.
Our experienced


Julio Cesar

Maestro Arrocero
Julio Cesar from Mexico is Passionate about cooking, he delivers everything in each event and is proudly one of our chefs graduated in our Tasty Paella MASTERCLASS. He makes our company continue to maintain the high level that characterizes us.

Diego Arteaga

Maestro Arrocero
Diego Arteaga from Colombia, a talented young man who studied gastronomy at the Universidad Continente Americano Celaya Mexico, specialized as a master rice cooker in our kitchen and sharing his passion in each event…

Hector Campos

Maestro Arrocero
Hector Campos de San Salvador is a vital piece in our team specialized in making our TAPAS and all our paellas back in the house with many years of experience in the best restaurants in North Dallas. It is a privilege to have him as part of our chefs.
Folkloric music & traditions


"La Lobilla" Flamenco

Flamenco Dancer
We talk about professionalizing with dedication and passion, so we are talking about Jenny La Lobilla. As an artist, she has the dance in her blood and we are lucky that she shares her passion in our events.

Ricardo Castillo

Guitar Player
Through his melodies, Ricardo gives that final touch in every event, transporting that magical moment to the old world. He is a guitar teacher, plays in high-level restaurants and is also part of our dream team. We give the best about us.
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