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Tasty Paella Valenciana

Our Paellas

Paella Valenciana

If you want to enjoy the original flavor of Spanish cuisine with the same great flavor and tempting aroma, then Paella Valenciana is the best option for you. The Paella Valenciana is authentic Spanish rice originating from the Valencian region. Originally, this delicious Spanish paella is made of round grain rice, regional varieties of flat green beans, rabbit meat (you can substitute for pork rib), chicken, and some butter beans known as garrafo. At Tasty Paella you can enjoy the same authentic flavor of Valencia anytime you want without having to go the extra mile. You can taste this Spanish Paella made with farm-fresh ingredients that are hand-selected by our expert chefs and cooks and seasoned with the most aromatic herbs and condiments such as saffron.

Seafood Paella

Paella is the first dish that comes to mind when you think of the historical and rich cuisines of Spain. Tasty Paella offers one of the most delicious and authentic flavors of the original Spanish paella with a hint of seafood. This paella is made with head shrimp, squid rings, mussels, a special round Spanish rice, and our delicious lobster broth. This combination gives the paella a special flavor and makes it a spectacle for the palate. The Seafood Paella is undoubtedly more than just a simple rice dish. It is a saffron-infused creation that is loaded with rich seafood flavor that will make your palate explode.
Paella de Mariscos
Tasty Paella Mixta

Paella Mixta

Would you like to try original Spanish cuisine? Do you want to enjoy the most requested Paella in the entire city of Dallas? Tasty Paella can make your wish come true. We are committed to offering the best Spanish Paella without compromising taste and delight. The Mixed Paella is the favorite of our clients. It is a unique and delicious combination of chicken, jumbo head shrimp, peeled shrimp, mussels, squid, saffron, and round Spanish rice. The exceptional combination of these unique regional ingredients creates an explosion of flavor and color that cannot be enjoyed in any other way. This paella leaves you with a taste of seafood on the palate but enjoying pieces of chicken. dare to try it.

Chicken & Veggies Paella

Creating the perfect combination of chicken with fresh red bell pepper, mushrooms, butter beans, flat green beans, fresh thyme, rosemary, saffron, homemade chicken broth, and bomba rice, our Chicken Paella can burst in your mouth with an explosive taste of flavors. This is a unique variant of the original Spanish Paella but has the same great taste with a twist. It offers an exotic variation of flavors, aroma, and ingredients. Created to mesmerize your taste buds.
Paella chicken with vegetables
Paella vegetables Dallas

Vegan Paella

For all those vegans out there, Tasty Paella is proud to present the Vegan Paella. It is a unique variation of the original Spanish delicacy but without meat. Created with a large number of fresh and tasty vegetables it has an abundance of color and flavors to overcome the absence of meat. Some of the key ingredients used in the creation of this unforgettable tasty delight include Saffron, Portobello mushrooms, Zucchini, red peppers, green flat beans, butter beans, fresh rosemary and not to forget the aromatic and flavorful vegetable broth prepared by our specialized chefs. Whether you are a vegan or not, the Vegan Paella is for everyone.

Paella Negra

This classic Squid ink paella dish is made from unusual seafood ingredients that include Lobster broth, cuttlefish, squid rings, shrimp, octopus, and the natural squid ink is used to add that special exquisite ocean flavor and exotic color which is very unusual in Spanish dishes. As extraordinary as it sounds, the Paella Negra is one of our best entries in the Spanish food category. Made from distinctive and highly unique ingredients, the Paella Negra has an exclusive taste that only the hardcore foodies can enjoy. Some people refer to it as black paella as well. This dish originates from the Valencian and Catalan regions.
Paella negra Dallas
Fideua Dallas

Fideua (Noodle Paella)

A surprising variation on the famous Spanish Paella, Tasty Paella specializes in offering Fideua de Gandia Created especially for people who don’t like rice, this is one of the most appreciated dishes on our menu. If you don’t like rice or can’t eat rice for whatever reason, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Spanish paella. Tasty Paella has a solution for you. Using the same traditional and classic technique as our other paellas, we substitute the rice for NOODLES. Though slightly different from the original, this unique dish is packed with flavor sourced from ocean ingredients including shrimp, squid rings, octopus, mussels, and lobster broth. We guarantee an explosion of flavor in your mouth.


– Spanish omelet
– Manchego cheese board
– Jamón serrano
– Pan con tomate
– Charcuterie board
– Tasty crostini
– Gazpacho andaluz shot
– Jamón and cantaloupe


– Fruit tart
– Mini key lime pie
– Caramel Flan
– Spanish Churros
– Mini Alfajores
$2.50 each

All of our paellas are made using the traditional technique of authentic Spanish paella including Socarrat (caramelized rice in the bottom of the pan).

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