The unique and original Delivery of Paellas


Below you will see the different varieties of paella and fideuá that we can offer you. From the classic Valencian to some signature recipes with surprising ingredients.


The price is per person, so each time you click on an option , a portion is added to your shopping cart. You can always check it out before confirming.


We will check the order with you and then the preparation of your paella will begin.


At the agreed time, we will take the paella to its destination, or you can come and collect it.

  • Fideua de Gandia

    Fideua de Gandia

    TASTY PAELLAS $18.00
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  • Vegan Paella

    Vegan Paella

    TASTY PAELLAS $18.00
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  • pollo con vegetales
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  • mexed paella

    Paella Mixta

    PAELLAS $18.00
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  • seafood paella

    Seafood Paella

    PAELLAS $18.00
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  • original paella valenciana

    Paella Valenciana

    PAELLAS $18.00
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That's right, we deliver our paellas directly to your home

Our Paellas are made using the traditional techniques of Paella Valenciana, thus ensuring its authentic flavor including the SOCARRAT (caramelized of the rice in the bottom of the paella) we offer 7 varieties including FIDEUÁ for all tastes.

All the prices are per person, minimum order required is 8 people for home delivery and 15 people for Live Cooking,
delivery FEE apply depending on distance.

* Delivery fee start from $15 * For Live Cooking service parties of 25 people or more 18% gratuity is automatically applied.

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