Fideua de Gandia

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An amazing variation of the famous Paella from Spain, Tasty Paella takes lead in offering Fideua de Gandia to its valuable visitors and tourists from all parts of the world. Created especially for people who do not like rice this is one of the most cherished dishes on our menu. If you are not fond of bomba rice or cannot eat rice for any reason that does not mean you cannot enjoy Spanish Paella. Tasty Paella has a solution for you. Using the same traditional and classic technique as our other paellas, we replace the bomba rice with Italian pasta. Although a little different from the original, this unique dish is full of flavor coming from oceanic ingredients including shrimp, squid rings, cuttlefish, and not to forget the garlic.

Creating the same great taste and the beautiful aroma of the Spanish herbs and seasonings, we guarantee a flavor burst in your mouth.

The pasta used in this dish is called Fideos and is available in different thickness levels. A dish hard to forget, you will have an unbelieving eating experience with the same traditional Spanish culture and heritage. Also known as pasta paella, this dish is native to the Valencian region and is mostly prepared with seafood meat. It can be prepared in lesser time than regular rice paella but has the same delicious flavor. It is undoubted one of the favorite dishes of our regular customers. You can order Fideua de Gandia online for home delivery or simply enjoy its live cooking at our restaurant. We guarantee superb taste and premium service standards to all our customers. No need for a special occasion or reason, just order now and enjoy this amazing treat with your friends and family members for the real taste of Spain in your vicinity.

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