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Feel like tasting original Spanish cuisine? Want to enjoy some traditional dishes of the Spaniards in your own city? Tasty Paella can make your wish come true. Offering the largest variety of Paella in the vicinity, we promise to deliver the best tasting Spanish Paella without any compromise on flavor and deliciousness. Paella Mixta is the favorite of our customers. It is a unique and scrumptious combination of chicken, head-on jumbo shrimp, peeled shrimp, mussels, saffron, and Bomba rice. The exceptional mix of these unique regional ingredients creates a blast of flavor and color that cannot be enjoyed in any other dish. This special paella is an old-styled mixture of the paella de marisco and the paella Valenciana. It consists of two types of meat including chicken and seafood. It is the most loved and wide eaten Paella dish by tourists that travel to Spain.

You can also try the Vegetarian Paella from Tasty Paella.

There is an infinite number of Paella Mixta recipes used by renowned chefs of the world. But at Tasty Paella our chefs ensure using only the original and authentic recipes that have been handed down through generation in the traditional Spanish families. With a strong infusion of various regional herbs like Saffron and Rosemary, our recipes have the greatest taste and flavor because of the best quality and farm-fresh ingredients that we procure through various international vendors and suppliers. If you want to indulge in the most famous Paella in the world, then order the Paella Mixta or the Vegetarian Paella now. Enjoy this amazing Spanish Cuisine in our restaurant with live cooking by our expert chefs or order home delivery to relish at home. This exotic dish is only a phone call away from you! So, order now and enjoy the lambasting flavor of Spain.

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