Black Paella

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Squid ink, squid rings,mussels, shrimps.

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As extraordinary as it sounds, the Paella Negra is one of our best entries in the Spanish food category. Made from distinctive and highly unique ingredients, the Paella Negra has an exclusive taste that only the hardcore foodies can enjoy. In the Spanish language, it is also known as Arros Negre because of its dark color. Some people refer to it as black paella as well. In fact, in many regions, it is not called a Paella at all, even though it is made with a similar recipe and technique. This dish originates from the Valencian and Catalan regions but also has huge popularity in Cuba and Puerto Rico where it is regarded as arroz con calamares meaning squid with rice. The classic paella dish is made from unusual seafood ingredients that include monkfish broth, cuttlefish, squid rings, shrimps, octopus, and mussels.

The natural squid ink is used to add that special exquisite ocean flavor and exotic color which is very unusual in Spanish dishes.

Created by highly experienced and expert chefs, no other Paella restaurant can provide this amazing and exotic flavor. We ensure that anyone who dares to try it will not regret it. It is richly textured, high protein, exotic flavoring, and very different from the regular Spanish Paella dishes and its variations available worldwide. All its ingredients are procured from reliable and high standard suppliers to ensure freshness, authenticity, and originality of the traditional flavor and taste. You can order Paella Negra for delivery at your home or you can watch our expert chefs prepare this amazing dish in front of you in live cooking. Either way, it is a treat to relish this exotic oceanic dish without having to travel an extra mile. So, order now and try out its unique seafood flavoring and add it to your list of favorite foods for life.

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